Thursday, June 02, 2005

Security Girl

Coba lihat ini...


The Security Girl... :-D

Barusan banget, surat mutasi jabatan yang sudah dinanti-nantikan selama 6 bulan, akhirnya turun juga. Terhitung mulai tanggal 01 Juni 2005, pindah ke posisi baru, di Manajemen & Teknologi Informasi, Direktorat Hulu. Wow... still unable to believe it...
Will I wake up in the morning and find out that it's just a dream?

I started to pack my stuff two days ago. There were my webcam, CDs, photographs of my BPS buddies, cross-stitch handycraft, flower and its vase, green cup, mags, wheew... And today, I sorted the papers: letters, memos, proposals, reports, brochures, etc. I found something among the papers: copies of certificate from Lembaga Sandi Negara, mine and Bi's. I just stared at them for a minute, and I thought: it was a year ago... Ciseeng.

Staring at the certificate reminded me to those hard times when we had to take a four month course at Lembaga Sandi Negara's training centre last year. It wasn't a pleasant experience, although I found new good friends there. Well, Ciseeng means bad food, not-so-good sanitation, remote site, no GSM signal. We tried to survive 'cause I thought things would get better after we had finished the course. We were wrong... We still couldn't enjoy our jobs. :-( but then, Hulu offered 2 positions for IT Engineers.

Finally, here it comes, six months after those offers came, the long-awaited Surat Mutasi Jabatan. I'll say goodbye to my security helmet. I'm happy and feel blessed, but I think I'll miss my friends here...(especially Ibu-Ibu: bu Harwi, mba Indah, bu Asih, and also my BPS brothers: dek Anton, bang Yunpri) ... my old desk... my 5608 phone... my new LCD monitor... :-D

Goodbye, helmet...

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